About company.

We magnificently appeared on the market in 2001, so we consider ourselves as definitely experienced, dynamic company, specialized in providing hosting services, assuring complex service in both domain registration and SSL purchase.

The beginnings were... a challenge :) The first datacenter (some of our clients may remember) was set up in The Netherlands. We do not hide, that administrating servers on such a distance was exciting and very informative. From this lesson we made a decision to move everything (literally everything) to Warsaw, Poland. It was 2014 and 2015. The scale of event – enormous. During this 2 year journey we did not lose even one file, did not endanger our equipment – in general we were so proud. We are set up in Warsaw now, although within spreading services and having alternative – we also made ourselves comfortable in our hometown Gdańsk.

We wouldn't be able to run such a complex service for You, if not for our Partners. When we get attatched, the cooperation will last ages. That is why ages ago we invited to cooperation among others NASK, DINFO SI, Przelewy24, PayPal, Domeny.pl, cPanel or our permanent server suppliers. As the days go by, we will definitely ask many more to cooperate with us.

Oh, don't You worry – we don't want to stop and though we represent Polish capital in 100%, we are oriented on both the world and at the same time Your individual needs in sustaining hosting services.English version of our website is created for every foreign customer to feel like home. We try to present all our possibilities , but Additional Services section was set up for You to ask as anything – without any doubt. Your idea or requirement can start the positive revolution!

Ah! Yes! This place on our website gives us a chance for a bit of self-love. We will share a couple of our assets with you, all the rest you will learn thanks to cooperation with WEBD.pl

Sooooo WEBD.pl :

  • does not tolerate hidden articles of our cooperation, so being with us just makes everything so simple

  • no, will not shock you with 100% of service price rise

  • has the best customer service on earth – confirmed info [link do opinii google]

  • represents only polish asset, since the very beginning h

  • as its own servers in Warsaw and alternatively in Gdansk, just because

If You missed the essence of what we do here, there is a couple of definitions.

What is this hosting thing you ask ? Being straight forward – it's a 'piece of server' – an account, on which you can transfer all your files like pictures or text, which later on you wish to present to others on web. Regarding those 'pieces' – at first we offered 1GB accounts, right now – the smallest account has 20GB of disk space. Additionally – with no extra charges – you can easily install Wordpress or Joomla!, or even PrestaShop – and the basics of the website are ready! Yeap, that is, what we call, hosting.

You must have thought – domain – what is that then? Yes. Domain is only the website address, on which you can project your files and Wordpress and Prestashop and everything else. Do not forget – website domain is also your email domain – in WEBD.pl e-mail accounts comes with every hosting account. Professionally. When You register .pl domain in WEBD.pl You should know we are direct Partner of NASK – no brokers, so the prices are as the lowest as can be.

Last but not least – wonderful SSL – the certificate, which encrypts data sent between server, Your website and the receiver. Additionally, after changes introduced by 'uncle Google', this certificate will support Your address with magical green padlock, mark Your website as a safe one – and as we know – safety is world wide web is priceless.

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